How many google voice numbers can I have? If I can have multiple google voice numbers, how does it work?

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Google voice is always helpful to those who surpass a hectic day to manage all their contacts, calls, and messages. Google voice is quite famous among large companies and business owners. You can be done several tasks with only this feature. 

With it, you may forward all your phone numbers to a single number, and also, you can answer calls from all your phone numbers on the same device. Providing all the best features, google voice simply saves your time by gathering everything into one place and easily buy google voice accounts.

What is a google voice number?

Google voice is a handy service that helps you to use one phone number across multiple devices and buy google voice accounts. People can use it on any android device, iOS, or web browser. If you buy a google voice number, you can make or receive calls or text messaging from anywhere. 

If you don’t want Google Voice to answer your calls, you may also link the phone numbers you want to receive calls at. Google voice number helps the user to manage a lot of tasks at once, that’s why it’s called a smartphone number. 

Why is google voice so necessary?

After buying a google voice number, you can give your busy schedule a little relief by organizing your calls and messages. You can use it from any web browser and any device. But, the browser should be updated. In the US and Canada, you can get a free google voice number, but to use other countries, you must buy a google voice number. There are several packages available, and users can get them with a monthly subscription starting from USD 10 per license. 

A google voice number offers you various features to handle all your calls and messages that it should be necessary to use. Most business owners and big companies operate this often. 

The most common valuable features of google voice that make it necessary to people are-

  • Call transfer: Users can easily transfer a call to another number from a computer or mobile device.
  • Voicemail transcription: Using the Google app, you can transcript your voicemail automatically. Also, you can read voicemail transcripts in your inbox, and search for them.
  • Call forwarding: Suppose you buy a new phone, and you want to forward your calls to it. It’s easy to forward all your call to another device or number. You just need to forward your google voice number from your old existing phone. Although it will take you an added cost, it will totally be worth it. 
  • Protection from spam calls: You can easily block unwanted callers in this service. Also, it will help you to get protection from spam calls and messages. 
  • Conference Calls: You can easily use google voice for personal and business buy google voice accounts conference calls.
  • Unlimited Texts: Google voice offers unlimited texts to its users. You can use this service from any device. And it will keep separating your business and personal correspondence.
  • Screen Calls: It’s a very useful service for your google voice app. It will show you the caller before receiving the call. 

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Can I get multiple google voice numbers?

Yes, users can get multiple google voice numbers. But it won’t be hassle-free. Also, it will take you a bit more extra cost to have them. There are several ways to get multiple google voice numbers below:

  1. Normally, from one google account, you can get only one google voice number. But, you can get another number, if you set up the associated number as either a work phone number or a home phone number. After that, you can get another number. 
  2. If you create several google accounts, then you could easily get multiple google voice numbers according to your google accounts. It’s a simple way to get multiple google voice numbers. But, it will be tough to manage multiple buy google voice accounts and google voice numbers. 
  3. Users can also get multiple google voice numbers if they use multi-user Google accounts. Two kinds of google accounts are available – one-user and multi-user. One-user google accounts are what we commonly use. On the other hand, multi-user google accounts can allow you to have more than one Google Voice number. But, you must pay for each google voice number separately. 

How to get another google voice number?

It will be a simple way to get another google voice number if you follow the proper instructions. After applying for your second google voice number, you need to add it to your Google Voice account. And, you can do it from your devices.

  1. Go to your Google account. 
  2. Navigate to Google Voice settings.
  3. Navigate to “Account,” and press “Linked Numbers”.
  4. Click on the “New Linked Number” option.
  5. Enter your new number from the previous section to add it to your Google Voice account.
  6. You will receive a text alert with a verification link and code to that number.
  7. Open the link.
  8. A pop-up window will appear.
  9. Enter the code received on the number.

And after the verification, your other google voice number will be ready to use. Also, it will link to your existing Google Voice account.


Google Voice offers some unique features that allow users to take full control of their phone service. Google voice is the winner of all the existing phone services. With this service, you don’t have to worry about missing calls. The user interface and various useful services of the google app will give you a great experience with phone service.

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