Why is google voice performance so slow and how to fix it

Why is google voice performance so slow and how to fix it

Google voice services gained popularity fastly over the years. But popularity can’t give you a reliable internet phone service. Day by day, people are facing several issues with google voice service. Some users complain about google voice that it gets slow sometimes. 

Google voice is an excellent service worldwide to manage massive calls and messages. As a benefit, it comes with some limitations. It becomes slow to handle calls, and also text becomes slow too. Now, there will be a discussion about some common google voice issues and how to fix them. 

Why should you buy a google voice number?

Google voice number comes with various services like call forwarding and voicemail, voice, easy number portability, and text messages. Google Voice will provide you with a US telephone number. But to connect all over the world, you must buy a google voice number. 

Google Voice is the best cloud-based phone system. It’s a cheap way to manage all of your communication from your phone easily. Several advantages you can get by using a google voice number.

You can send or receive texts using the free texting service without unofficial apps. Google Voice allows you to forward your calls to other numbers. Using google voice, you can also place calls from Gmail. Some other facilities include voicemail with transportation, placing calls from your phone over wifi, switching phones during a call, call forwarding, etc. 

Some problems with google voice and the solution to fix them

Although google voice provides users with a lot of beneficial services, it has a limitation. Some people complain that their google voice works slow sometimes. As a result, they can’t use it smoothly. Now we will discuss some problems with google voice that people are having, and then we will discuss how to fix them. 

Limitations in international calls

Google voice numbers are free in the US and Canada. But to make an international call, you need to buy a google voice number because free accounts can’t make any calls or texts outside the US. Users have to purchase a monthly subscription to make international calls or communicate outside the US. 

Unable to number portability 

Some users faced porting issues in this service—Google voice can’t support Canadian or other regional numbers. You should buy a google number to fix this problem.

Sound Quality Issues

Few users report some issues they are having with the sound quality of google voice. It can be Wi-Fi or mobile data issues. If not, then users should get professional help to fix this. 

Problems with background settings

Some users complain that they are facing some cases with google voice background settings. Suppose they use the ‘Do not Disturb’ button for some while. And when they undo this setting, sometimes that doesn’t work, and they miss their calls and messages. You can fix this problem by looking back on the tab and clicking around 10 seconds.

Issues with Voicemail Transcriptions

Users can’t get voicemail due to google voice background settings. So, they should turn on the voicemail settings to get voicemail transcriptions. 

Problems with Google Voice Account

Some people had the situation to unable to access the google voice account. When admins forget to turn on Google Voice for each account, this could cause issues. This problem can be easily fixed by managing through the “Users” section of the Google Admin console. 

Google voice works slow on browser

With uncountable facilities, google voice comes with the limitation that some users face the most. Sometimes google voice works slow when they are on the browser. You can access your google voice number from any device. But when using browsers, you could get slow service to manage all the calls and messages. Poor internet connection and incompatible browsers can cause this sluggish behavior of your google voice service. 

Some possible reasons for working slowly on google voice

If someone is having issues with his google voice service, he should check the below list first to fix the leggy service of google voice. 

  • Not updated browser.
  • Incompatible browser.
  • A viral or spyware infection.
  •  Poor internet connection.
  • The google voice app is not available.
  • Several voices are updated in the Google voice program.
  • Storage is full of cookies and caches.

Fixes of google voice slower service

  • Check your browser if it is compatible. 
  • Check Google Voice has already been enabled by asking the administration.
  • Check the internet connection that works well. 
  • Ensure your voice license.
  • Get your subscription.
  • More precise in your speech.
  • Ensure your google workspaces are performing well.

A quick fix to leggy google voice service

By removing old devices from the google voice app, users can get a faster version of the google voice app. Although this feature isn’t available to all google voice users, It can be a real fix for some people to solve their google voice app problems. 

By opening the Google app, you can check if your phone has this feature. Then go to the setting, select the “Google Assistant” option, and navigate to the “Devices” menu. After that, you will see an option called “Removed Unused Devices.” If you haven’t used the feature for at least three months on other devices, Google will let you remove Assistant from those unused devices. This way, you could get a faster google voice service. 

Sometimes google voice can be a little leggy due to handling too many calls and messages. By following proper instructions, you can work smoothly with google voice.


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