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What is GMX? 

Global mail exchange is abbreviated as GMX. It is a Trustworthy email service. GMX is the largest free email service provider in Germany. The user can access GMX mail as well as POP and IMAP4 protocols with ease. Small enterprises, large businesses, and home users can all benefit from the GMX email application. GMX mail accounts are split into two categories: and

Why do you need GMX PV Accounts?

The GMX PV Accounts has many uses. For instance, Users can attach files up to 50 MB and send emails from any browser or operating system. GMX email has a user-friendly UI. It’s sleek and simple to use. GMX mail service providers protect against spam and viruses. For your safety, it detects viruses, worms, and Trojans in compressed file types. Seven anti-spam modules defend GMX mailboxes from spam, resulting in 98 per cent less unwanted mail. It allows you to manage several accounts from one central spot. It also allows users to check in to Facebook directly using their GMX login ID and password. A user will also be able to drop and drag emails. You can collect emails from other free email services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others. This can be done through the GMX’s “mail collector”. SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols are supported by the GMX service. It takes advantage of a secure SSL connection to keep your emails safe and secure. An enterprise can create and maintain a GMX business email to avail of all the advantages.  So, what are you waiting for? Open a GMX new account today or get your GMX mail service providers from us.

Benefits of Phone Verified GMX Accounts: 

When it comes to benefits, GMX Mail offers a plethora of benefits. All of which contributes to the platform’s over 20 million users today.

▶ A Powerful Cloud

To begin, it is more than an email solution; it has evolved into a robust cloud-based emailing and organising platform. A platform where users can manage their messages, contacts, attachments, and documents for free. All of this comes with guaranteed security and privacy. All of this may be accomplished using your preferred web browser or by downloading the official GMX Mail app. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, as well as from the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets. Mostly those gadgets running the Android operating system.

▶ Huge Storage Space

By starting with this email solution, users gain access to up to 65 GB of message and attachment storage. All of this corresponds to 500.000 emails. When it comes to attachments, GMX Mail does not adhere to the customary limitations imposed by other providers. For example, the requirement that attached files be small or compressed. Files such as images, documents, or any other type of file can exceed 50 MB. This, too, without compromising the attachment’s quality.

▶ The Mail Collector 

The use of Mail Collector allows users to integrate and sync email addresses from other providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. Additionally, GMX has the ability to save contacts, as well as an online calendar for saving appointments and reminders. Also, online office solutions for creating productivity documents on the go. It even has a migration service for moving information from one account and information to another.

▶ Reliability

To be completely honest, GMX is one of those webmail services that is extremely dependable. In the current environment, trust is the most critical factor to consider. We’re using GMX to exchange private and confidential information amongst one other. Isn’t it self-evident that we would be concerned about our personal information and security? With the increasing number of digital hackers, the issue of trust is becoming more prevalent in our minds. However, with GMX, you can sit back and relax. It may be relied on upon without reservation. GMX places the highest importance on protecting your privacy and security.

▶ A perfect planner and organiser 

GMX are more than simply an email service; it’s also a fantastic organiser that works flawlessly. Now you can easily manage all of your meeting and appointment schedules. This can be done in a very beautiful and orderly manner, without having to use any additional software. It’s also incredibly simple to make changes to your calendar without causing too much inconvenience. This organiser will help you stay more organised by keeping track of your appointments, timetables, and future plans.

▶ Filters for Spam and Authorized Dialog

To safeguard your data and your device from unsolicited emails, GMX includes a multi-level spam filter. This is capable of detecting any type of unwanted or malfunctioning email. This high-quality spam filter offers features that enhance security and privacy. It also reduces spam. GMX mail features advanced spam filtering, ensuring that your Inbox remains free of junk mail. Additionally, it includes a Spam Blocker feature that prevents spam emails from being sent. A Spam Filter safeguards your account against phishing and useless advertisements. The purpose of spam filters is to safeguard your account against malware. GMX spam filters examine emails for forged sender addresses and technical features and mistakes. GMX makes use of Trusted Dialogs to ensure that the email sender is who they claim to be. That is how GMX distinguishes between malicious emails and legitimate and trusted emails.

▶ Numerous domains in a single application

GMX offers three different sorts of accounts: Free Mail, Pro Mail, and Top Mail. All three accounts may be accessed from the same app. In addition, it allows the Free Mail clients to utilise two email addresses from any of the domains. Domains such as,,, and are registered with Gmail. Clients of GMX ProMail and TopMail will have access to additional email addresses as well as a broader domain cluster. When using GMX, all of the email addresses are captured in the same interface at the same time. Consequently, purchase GMX Accounts and receive many email addresses using a single app.

▶ Flexibility in Access

You are already aware that you have the ability to access GMX mail through webmail, IMAP4, or POP3. This is not the end of the story. GMX is also available as a mobile application for smartphones running Android, iOS, and Windows. You may simply gain access to your GMX account from any device by using your user id and password combination.

▶ The Inbox Process

To keep things organised and fresh, GMX provides a six-category inbox. This is divided into the following sections: Inbox, Favorites, Read, Draft, Sent, and Spam, among others. If you have more than one email account, the Inbox category is the default one that GMX will display each time you log into your account. Advertising is blocked off by GMX, which instead displays the sender names and logos. The sender’s name has been marked with an ‘X’ sign. Whenever you want to get rid of the advertisement, simply click on the emblem.

▶ No need for Compression

If you frequently send huge documents or images using GMX, you won’t have to worry about Compression. This is one of the major benefits of GMX mail service providers. This also makes GMX stand out from other email service providers. The days of compressing files before sending them through email are long gone thank goodness. Purchase GMX Accounts that will save you both energy and time in the long run. There will be no more pointless slogging through enormous files.

▶ Automatic Photos and Animated GIFs

With GMX, you don’t have to do anything but sit back and watch the images arrive in your Inbox. By default, it will display them for you automatically. However, it prevents the inclusion of graphics in Spam emails. I’m confident that you’ll find this useful. It will astound you to learn that, in contrast to the majority of email service providers, GMX accepts animated GIF files. You can take full advantage of this amazing feature by buying GMX Accounts from us.

▶ Mail checks

An add-on browser, Mail Check, is provided by GMX and is completely free of charge. It allows users to enter directly into their Inbox and see any new unread emails. It also allows them to refresh their Inbox, compose emails, check their calendar, and access the media centre.

▶ GMX Mobile Access is a service that allows you to access GMX from your mobile device.

GMX provides its users with a variety of options for staying connected and up to date with their emailing requirements. Customers may import their address book, schedule appointments, and manage their entire life from the palm of their hand, all in one place. In addition to providing all of the convenience of your GMX account from your desktop, the GMX Mobile app allows users to go out to lunch or run errands. Without the risk of missing critical correspondence by using an Android or iOS device and without the need to be shackled to your computer.


One of the first categories of GMX is GMX.COM. This category has file storage of about 2GB. It also has a limitation of 50 MB of Attachments. GMAX.COM also provides free IMAP, POP and SMTP support. It also has a 6-month account deactivation duration. GMX.COM has unlimited email storage and a language interface consisting of English, French and German. 

▶ GMX Net 

The second category has a file storage capacity of 1 GB. It can only send 20 MB of attachments at a time. GMX Net offers only POP and SMTP Support and has the same deactivation period as GMX.COM. Unlike the first category, GMX net has only 1 GB of email storage. The language interface is also only limited to German. 

How do we create GMX PV Accounts?

There are a myriad of websites and PVA Account providers available presently. However, not all of them are trustworthy and legitimate. It is possible that the inefficiency and lack of legitimacy of the accounts are the root causes of this situation. However, when you purchase from us, you won’t have to be concerned about any of these concerns. The GMX accounts that you will be purchasing from us are authentic and trustworthy. Our accounts are made by highly qualified personnel who not only build the accounts but also check them before delivering them to you. Our system creates accounts for you based on a unique IP Address and the phone number you supply us, which is used for account verification. As a result, we generate GMX PVAs with the highest level of genuineness and security.


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